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This is the rate at which you can send content over your connection. Upload speed is important for activities such as video calls. Next time you catch yourself laughing at someone’s awkward frozen appearance on Zoom, kindly remind them upgrade their upload speed.

Way less important than you've been led to believe. So why is it the primary metric for internet quality? Because that's what legacy ISPs want you to focus on. Of all the primary active measurements for connection quality, download is the only one easy for legacy copper networks to pump up through fancy tricks. As a result, many people who have more-than-adequate download still have a poor internet experience.

Funny you ask. That’s how long it takes for a meme to appear after you click it. If you ordered the meme on Postmates, latency would be the time between placing your order and getting your meme.

No, although we hear you – we suggest switching to nitro brew by the way. Internet jitter is more like when you're on a highway, and suddenly things slow to a crawl for no reason, and then you find out it was everyone rubbernecking a totally basic fender bender. Or you know how when you're on a zoom with the team and Kevin always looks like Max Headroom and sounds like a Yeezy auto-tune remix job gone bad? Jitter feels like the overall "choppiness" of your connection, when all the info that's supposed to be coming your way in an orderly, timely fashion get crowded and mixed up.

Well the internet as a whole works pretty freakin' great, in major part thanks to a brilliant little scheme that divides your memes up into fun-size chunks of info – known as packets. Just like FedEx loses boxes (FedEx, if you're reading this, WHERE ARE MY LAPTOPS?) the internet sometimes loses packets. But that brilliant protocol has an answer – it will try to resend the lost packets again and again. That usually does the trick… after awhile. This works great for static content, like a cat GIF: you might get it a few milliseconds later than you asked for it, no big deal. But when you're expecting your info piping hot and on-time, like on a zoom call or pwning fools in Dota 2, packet loss can be a real drag.

As of now the test is estimating packet loss ratio, but we will soon improve this measurement.

They all matter. Having kickass download but crappy upload is like having a fast car that can only travel east. Now that we live in an era filled with video calls and collaborative environments, speed still matters, but the truth is responsiveness and stability matter even more.

Here, watch this:

Crazy, right? If you're chapped about it, we encourage you to find a great local ISP near you.

Just a catchy name we hope you remember. You'd be surprised how many people think WiFi is a nickname for internet.

“Where’s The Fiber?” obviously. Why do you ask?

We're not 💯 on this, but have some ideas...

Fiber internet is much faster than Tyreek Hill, who is somewhat faster than Usain Bolt.

You might have copper somewhere in your network. Cable companies brought TV from a handful of broadcasters to millions of homes. Great for one-to-many, but upload… not so much.

WiFi.wtf is made with 🤍 by the Ready team. We hope it's a useful way to better understand the reality of internet connectivity as an ad-free, neutral test.

Yes, very soon. The Ready Strength Test is going to be released as open core. Want early access? Drop us a line.